Dr. Kurt’s Place is a place for Functional Medicine and Chiropractic in the greater Colorado Springs vicinity. Our passion at our ‘place’ is helping people on their journey of creating ‘More Health, Less HealthCare.’ What makes our hearts sing is helping good people out of a bad situation.

Who are these good people? That would be you. What are the bad situations that these good people fall into? The bad situations stem around how your health and conditions are ‘managed’ through our heath care system. The bad situation is that our system for creating health isn't working and you, the good people, are the ones suffering.

At Dr. Kurt’s Place, we have a small team with big visions. As a result we get the ‘weird cases’ of people that have tried everything and many times have been told, ‘there’s nothing more we can do for you’ by their doctor. Many times, we’re the last resort.

We have helped people with MS, fibromyalgia, auto-immune conditions, gastroparesis, and many other long name diagnoses. We also welcome and take care of many kids. We have success with the tough cases and conditions because we operate with the basic premise that your body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism. We respect that and never want to suppress that ability.

There are 2 main categories of WHY your ability to heal and recover is disrupted. One category is deficiency. The other category is toxicity. To express and experience your amazing health potential, both categories have to be addressed. This is where the lifestyle aspect of our clinic takes hold.

To uncover the WHY, we have to take time with you. Not being thorough is a disservice to you. On your first appointment, you are encouraged to talk and tell your story, concerns, goals, and wins. Much of your problem can be understood when you are given adequate time to actually get it verbalized. How many times have you been to a doctor and been interrupted within the first 30 seconds of meeting him or her?

One of the biggest complaints we hear from new patients is that their last doctor never listened to them. We feel this is why so many don’t ever get well. The doctor never took time to listen and understand why the person was sick and ailing.

After a thorough history and interview, we want to assess a couple systems in your body. One is the nervous system. Since this is the master organizer and coordinator, we want to see how efficiently this is operating. The other is the biochemistry of your blood. Both systems, the nervous system and circulatory system, are the most protected systems in your body. They hold the keys to your health puzzle.

What we often uncover with chronic conditions is that the person is operating on the 'gas pedal' side of life all day, every day. What happens when you constantly floor your gas pedal in your car? You either run out of gas or you crash.

For you, this may look like chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, elevated triglycerides and blood pressure, and even ADHD, autism, and chronic ear infections for kids. While traditional healthcare measures like drugs and surgery may make you feel better in the short term, it never addresses the underlying problem, toxicity and deficiency.

This may sound good but the truth is that the solution to your condition probably isn't a quick fix. Poor health didn't develop over night, unless a bus just hit you. Nobody wakes up and realizes they are suddenly 30lbs over weight. It’s been a gradual process. Just like illness isn't an overnight phenomenon, regaining your health isn't either.

That’s why at Dr. Kurt’s Place, a place for Functional Medicine, we value developing a relationship with our patients. Honestly, we hate the term patient because it means ‘long term sufferer.’ You've suffered long enough; we don’t want to keep you in that state by just ‘managing’ your condition like traditional healthcare measures. We want to support you, not treat your diagnosis.

When we develop these relationships this means we value and respect your input. We want you to be an active member in your health journey, even if that means you disagree. Too often you are silenced or even kicked out of your doctor’s office for disagreeing with their recommendations. If that’s you, then come on in, we love the ‘outcasts and outspoken.’

The one thing you will notice is that we’re pretty casual at our place. We want to feel comfortable so that you feel comfortable. But don’t take that casual attitude as a sign of indifference towards your health. We may not take ourselves too seriously but helping you experience health is our priority.

Dr. Kurt DC CCWP CFMP is constantly learning, teaching, and writing to provide the most up to date, current ways to help you create your personal journey of ‘more health, less healthcare.’ He and Calley (the Dr. Kurt’s Place director of first impressions) know what it’s like to be sick and have sick family members. We have had our own journey personally and know what it’s like to be in your shoes. It’s horrible and don’t wish it on anyone. That’s what drives us to be your guides, coaches, and sometimes just someone to listen to on your health journey.

So stop settling for a system that thrives on managing your condition and come visit our ‘place’ to experience the health in healthcare.